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  • 30 years of EXCELLENCE

    All these years we have realized that a successful analysis solution requires more than advanced technology and quality products. Rigas Labs S.A. is dedicated to providing a high level of personal attention, premium technical assistance, and fast on-site response.

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  • Together, we are making the difference

  • Our mission,is to enable our customers to achieve their goals

  • Rapid, Liquid CO2 Extractionof Hemp and Cannabis


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  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemicensure product safety and efficacy of alcohol-based hand sanitizers

    with Thermo Scientific FTIR Spectrometers

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  • Identificationof microplastic particles in bottled water

    Using FTIR & Raman Spectroscopy

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Welcome to Rigas Labs

Research Activities

We are involved in a number of research projects.

Careers in Rigas Labs

We take finding the right people for our team very seriously.

Services & Support

We offer a complete range of product support services with educational trainings.

Product Categories

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Chromatography (from Greek χρώμα:chroma, color and γράφειν:graphein to write) is…

Flow Injection Analysis

Flow injection analysis (FIA) is an approach to chemical analysis…

General Laboratory Equipment

General Laboratory Equipment


RIGAS LABS S.A. provides several pumps for variable applications.

Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique for the determination…


Electrochemistry is a branch of chemistry that studies chemical reactions…

Sample Preparation & Handling

Whether you need automated systems or consumables solutions, Rigas Labs offers a…

Automated Chemistry Analyzers

Simplify your analysis and reduce overall cost of testing. Explore…

Molecular Spectroscopy

Molecular spectroscopy deals with the response (spectrum) of molecules interacting…

LIMS and Laboratory Software

As representatives of Thermo Fisher Scientific Informatics products in Greece…

Surface Analysis

Tackle the most challenging surface, thin film and interface questions…

Column Packing

Column packing

RigasLabs Products

RIGAS LABS Modular PCD system features time-proven technology developed with the accumulation of almost 20 years of post-column derivatization innovation, offering an affordable and robust solution.

Rigas Labs Modular Single Reagent PCD System

Rigas Labs Modular Single Reagent PCD System

The Single Reagent Modular PCD system includes an integrated reciprocating pump, temperature controlled knitted coil and a teflon coated reagent tray with an integrated gas manifold. 
Rigas Labs Modular Dual Reagent PCD System

Rigas Labs Modular Dual Reagent PCD System

Rigas Labs Modular Dual Reagent Post Column Derivatization System consists of a double Modular PCD System for more demanding applications.

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Rigas Labs offers to the Greek scientific society a bunch of companies that are leaders in the instruments industry worldwide.
+30 2310 550669
+30 210 3417263
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