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With SymLine, we offer a modular disposal system for solvents that connects several workstations (e.g. HPLC systems and/or fume hoods) in the simplest way and collects liquid waste centrally. Whether the disposal systems are subsequently installed in or on the laboratory furniture, or are planned straight away in new laboratory buildings – we always find the optimal solution.

It is always important that all components made of conductive plastic are grounded and suitable for potential equalization in accordance with TRGS 727. This avoids sources of ignition in the laboratory due to electrostatic charging.

When pipes are connected to one another, there is always the risk of leaks and therefore a high risk to people and the environment. When developing our pipe fittings, we focused on technical perfection – the connection can withstand a tensile force of at least 400 Newton! The tightness of the systems is thereby permanently guaranteed.

The SymLine design ensures that the pipe system is optimally suited for the disposal cycle. Liquids always flow downwards from the smooth end of the pipe into the threaded connector.

SymLine consists of a variety of components that can be combined with each other in a variety of ways.

Planning a system always begins with a filling unit (funnel, HPLC connections and/or funnel basin). The table bushings are connected to the central collection point through our piping system. Our Safety Waste Caps serve as an interface between the collection point and our piping. To keep your filling levels under control, there are a variety of ways to measure and evaluate the filling levels.

SymLine-Lab Installation

SymLine -Lab