FIAlab FIAlyzer-FLEX

The FIAlyzer-FLEX flow injection analyzer is a reliable and efficient solution for laboratories looking to measure a wide range of parameters in drinking water, wastewater, and other liquid samples. Flow injection analysis offer a simple, reliable, and fast way of analyzing samples in the lab.

Some of the more common analytes include ortho-phosphates (OP), total phosphorus (TP), nitrate (NO3), nitrate + nitrite (NOx), nitrite (NO2), total nitrogen (TN), total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), and ammonia (NH3). For a complete list of analytes, please see our Method List.

Our methods are compliant with USEPA, APHA (Standard Methods), and ISO reference methods.

The FIAlyzer-FLEX has a modular design, whereby the instruments can be combined into a 1-4 channel system with a combination of methods. This allows laboratories that need to analyze one set of samples for several analytes to do so in one run; conversely, a lab that is focused on a single parameter or prefers a dedicated system for each parameter can select a single-channel option.

The system is controlled by FIAsoft, our state-of-the-art control software, which is written by our in-house software team and receives regular updates. FIAsoft allows for easy sample import, data export, and LIMS integration, and is compatible with Windows 10/11.