Sykam S 600 HPLC

The Sykam S 500 System Series of HPLC instruments are designed to allow configuration of a complete automated HPLC in a “tower-concept” with a small footprint, taking up as little as possible laboratory bench space. With a choice of manual control or complete system control by a PC with control software, the S 500 series of instruments allows flexible configuration for a multitude of HPLC applications.

The S 500 HPLC is built as a modular configurable system. Each module of the S 500 HPLC system can be used as a stand-alone fully functional unit or as integral part of a complete system. Whether you upgrade an existing sytem – also from other brands! – or choose a complete system, the extensive digital and analog connectivity offers the user maximum flexibility to incorporate the Sykam S 500 series in the modern chromatography laboratory.