Oil and Gas Applications with Elemental Combustion Analyzers by TE Instruments 


The Oil & Gas market is one of the highest turbulent markets worldwide, with the energy transitions insight and day-to-day tightening of emission limits on diesel and gasoline usage. This field is one of the main sectors where TE Instruments has a foundation already for years supplying ideal analyzers for trace-level analysis in all kinds of materials. From production and quality control to the protection of pipe networks within refineries, TE Instruments can suit your needs with any specific analyzer. Take a look at a fraction of our applications in the Oil and Gas industry to get a glimpse of the possibilities:

-Chloride/ Sulfate analysis in Crude oil or finished end products to prevent HCl forming and corrosion
-Trace level Nitrogen and Sulfur measurement in Gasoline and Diesel for emission control
-Trace level Fluoride monitoring in LPG or natural gas for safety
-Sulfur control in Biodiesels

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Total Organic Chloride (MCT) in Crude Oil ASTM D4929 Analysis of Total Nitrogen (CLD) and Total Sulfur (UV-F) in renewable fuels: Aviation Fuel-HEFA and Diesel-HVO XLS-30 – Fast Screening of Total Nitrogen, Total Sulfur in Liquid Hydrocarbons Total Sulfur (UV-F) in Gaseous Hydrocarbons using the GBS Autosampler Total Sulfur in Refinery Products by Microcoulometry




TN (Total Nitrogen) / TS (Total Sulfur)

T.E. Instruments XPlorer AOX/TOX

TN (Total Nitrogen) / TS (Total Sulfur)

T.E. Instrument XPlorer TN/TS

TN (Total Nitrogen) / TS (Total Sulfur)

T.E. Instruments XPERT TOC/TNb