Application of Gas Adsorption Technique in Pharmaceutical Powder Characterization

Drug powders are the main body of most pharmaceutical formulations, and their efficacy depends not only on the type of drug, but also to a large extent on the properties of the powders composing the pharmaceutical formulations. Numerous studies have shown that physical parameters such as specific surface area, pore size distribution and true density of drug powders are related to the properties of powder particles such as particle size, hygroscopicity, solubility, dissolution and compaction, and play an important role in the purification, processing, mixing, production and packaging capabilities of pharmaceuticals. Especially for APIs and pharmaceutical excipients, parameters such as specific surface area are important indicators of their performance.

The specific surface area of API, as the active ingredient of a drug, affects its properties such as solubility, particle size and solubility.

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Gas Adsorption in Pharmaceutical Powder Characterization




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