Analysis of ilmenite ore samples with XRF and XRD


Ilmenite (FeTiO3) is the most important titanium ore, responsible for up to 47% of the total worldwide TiO2, a whitening pigment, production. The world’s largest producer of ilmenite ore is Australia together with South Africa, China and Canada.

The ore occurs as two different morphologies, hard rock and heavy sand ilmenite, whereof the latter is more utilized. Ilmenite forms solid solution series with geikielite (MgTiO3) and pyrophanite (MnTiO3) and can more generally be written as (Fe,Mg,Mn) TiO3.

For evaluation of the grade of the ore, it is crucial to know both the chemical and mineralogical composition of the sample, which are usually analyzed by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) respectively.


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Analysis of ilmenite ore samples