New Horizons for 2D Magnetic Materials – Quantum Diamond NV-center AFM Applications


Two-dimensional magnetic materials have become a research hotspot of great interest, and they open up new directions for the development of spintronics devices, which have important applications in new optoelectronic devices and spintronics devices. Recently, Physics Letters 2021, No. 12, also launched a special feature on 2D magnetic materials, describing the progress of 2D magnetic materials in theory and experiments from different perspectives.

We already know that magnetic van der Waals crystals carry special magnetoelectric effects, and therefore quantitative magnetic studies are an essential step in the research of two-dimensional magnetic materials. However, quantitative experimental studies on the magnetic response of such magnets at the nanoscale are still very lacking. Some existing studies have reported the realization of the detection of crystal magnetism at the micron scale, but these techniques not only do not yet provide quantitative information about the magnetization but also are highly prone to interfere with the magnetic signal that hinders ultrathin samples. Therefore, the update of detection techniques is a very urgent challenge for probing the magnetic properties of materials on the nanoscale. 

To address this challenge, CIQTEK offers a new quantum precision measurement, the Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope (QDAFM), the scanning NV microscope based on diamond NV-center and AFM scanning imaging techniques. By quantum manipulation and readout of the spins of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center defects in diamonds, quantitative nondestructive imaging of magnetic properties can be achieved.


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New Horizons for 2D Magnetic Materials - Quantum Diamond NV-center AFM Applications